Training content covers a variety of community corrections areas, including:

  • Pretrial, probation, and parole settings
  • Adult and juvenile populations
  • Domestic violence, alcohol and substance use, larceny, assault, and other charges and convictions

Promoting Responsivity in Community Corrections:

A Motivational Interviewing Training Curriculum

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based practice (EBP) that aligns with the Risk-Needs-Responsivity model of offender treatment. Specific responsivity targeting motivation aims to improve engagement in the corrections process and reduce recidivism. Give your staff the tools they need to enhance motivation and long term behavior change by teaching them this brief, proven approach for motivating change in everyday interactions with offenders.

This training curriculum was developed by MI experts in collaboration with frontline community corrections staff to include:

Promote evidence-based practice using your own on-site staff and resources by bringing this cutting-edge curriculum technology to your fingertips.